Superior Copywriting for your Natural Hair and Beauty Business
I help Black-Owned Beauty Brands write words that SELL so you can work from a place of REST, not hustle.
Do you fear your product or service is getting lost in such a saturated online market? 
Do you crave more time to create and experiment with new product lines and offerings?
Do you want to connect with your ideal client and customer authentically? NO SPAMMING ALLOWED. 


  • To be an Industry Leader – A household name when it comes to all things hair, beauty, and promoting that natural glow.

  • To reach all of your High Traffic Goals. As people flock to your site, they trust that you know what’s best for their individual hair and skin goals.

  • To have each quarter be better than your last. What you strategically invest in your business will be returned to you ten fold.                                             

 It is my pleasure to provide irresistable Copy so that your online marketing outshines the competition.

Still got questions? Like…

What exactly does a Copywriter do?

Here are some quick FAQS before we grow deeper.


The reason I can provide you with fresh, energized Copy that speaks directly to your ideal client is because…I AM Her.

My name is Courtney Henry, and I’ve been a Naturalista for ten + years now. 

I am a Mama, Professional Ballet Dancer, Writer, and Business Owner. And I believe in helping others become their ancestors wildest dreams.

I also love empowering women, teaching dance, practicing natural medicine, and am a wanderlust at heart. I’ve lived in New York, San Francisco, Berlin, and I’m currently splitting my year between the US and Dakar, Senegal – where my husband is originally from. Writing and dancing bring me joy – using my gifts to help and inspire people of color makes my soul fly. 

“Courtney is both a poetic writer and an incisive thinker. She gives her full self to every project she is on, and has never been anything less than an enthusiastic team player. I have counted on her over the years for honesty, clarity, and words that move the reader to action.”
Candice Thompson
editorial director { DIYdancer } Magazine
"Courtney has been a generous contributor to Localeur and her writing has helped our audience of over five million travelers learn about Dakar in an authentic, enriching way. Courtney's talents as a writer and her passion for the People complement one another beautifully, and we're glad to give readers the chance to see the city through her eyes."
Cate Smithson